Six Items You Can Thrift For Your Wedding

Six Items You Can Thrift For Your Wedding

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  • Posted by: Nicole Strykowski

Thrifting and sustainability in general are popular topics right now, as they should be. These are two things we are passionate about at Afarose. We see more and more people leaning towards secondhand items or clothing everyday. We all know planning weddings can get extremely expensive, which is why thrifting is a great option to keep in mind. It’s great for your wallet and even better for the planet. You can purchase secondhand from thrift shops, Facebook Marketplace, Garage or Estate Sales, or Etsy! With National Thrift Shop Day on August 17 and the month of August being National Secondhand Month, we wanted to celebrate with a list of ideas you can thrift for your wedding day!⁠

1. Accessories - Jewelry, Veil, Shoes, Watch

Remember that saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue”? Well you can knock two birds out with one stone if you thrift an accessory to wear on your wedding day, maybe even three if you find something blue! Anything you buy is technically old, but new to you. We love a loophole.

2. Glassware - Vases, Dishes, Glasses

There are endless ways you can be creative with glassware for your decor. Popular ideas we saw are flower vases, putting lights in bottles, hanging mugs/cup from a tree, or even just using them as regular glasses to drink out of. If you don’t like the color, don’t forget you can always spray paint items white, gold, or any other color to better compliment your wedding theme.

3. Picture Frames

This is another great versatile item to find at the thrift. Picture frames can be used as classy table numbers. This bride spray painted the frame gold, added a gold table number, and pressed matching flowers inside the glass - such a cute DIY! Another idea depending on your theme is to find an array of mismatched frames for a vintage looking memorial table. Another bride even found a larger frame to use as unique decor for her reception entrance table. The options are endless!

4. Books

The thrift store has so many books that end up in landfill from never being opened again. Give the books another life by transforming them into unique table numbers! This is another great way to utilize spray paint. We’ve even seen a bride make a wall of books as a photogenic backdrop. If you thrift a dictionary, you can set it out for your guest to pick a word to describe you and your new partner and then sign it!

5. Wicker Anything

Ummmm, yeah we’re kind of obsessed with wicker. It’s such a perfect neutral item to add a splash of boho into any theme. Find mismatched wicker items to put together a wicker wall like the one below! Or use them as regular decor items. You’re welcome.

6. Furniture- old doors, windows, chairs

You will obviously thrift decor based on your theme, but we wanted to provide you with inspiration! Some great pieces to buy secondhand for decor include, old suitcases for a vintage feel, an old window/door for an outdoor wedding, funky chairs, lamps, pots, and even fake plants. Challenge yourself to find 5 decor items off your pinterest board.

We hope this list gave you inspiration to help you not only save money, but create a uniquely curated wedding experience! If you try any of these tag us in your photos on Instagram @loveafarose and follow our Pinterest board for more thrifted wedding decor inspiration!

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