Try at home policy

How does AFAROSE Try at Home Program work?

Afarose Try-At-Home Sample Program is a good way to test the quality and fit of our sizes and colors before you make a purchase.

You can select 2 or more dresses for $10 per bridesmaid dress or $15($25) per wedding dress, covering shipping both ways, and you can keep the dress(s) for up to 7 days.

It takes 1-3 business days to process your order for shipping from our warehouse in California, and then anywhere from 1 to 10 business days for your sample dresses to arrive via FedEx Ground, UPS or USPS, depending on where you live. Your samples will arrive with a prepaid return label included in the box.

We recommend that you do not use gift cards or prepaid cards to order samples as our system is unable to accept that form of payment for samples.

For more FAQs, please refer to our FAQ Page for more details about our try-at-home sample program.


All samples must be postmarked for return by the 7th day of delivery. If you need to keep the dress(es) longer than a week, please contact us. We understand that sometimes things happen and you may need them a little longer than a week.

However, if you keep the dresses for longer than 7 days and we don't hear from you, we will have to charge you for the full retail amount of the dress plus the full cost of a replacement, including shipping. We would hate to do this, so please do keep in touch!

Samples must be returned to us in the original condition that you received them in with the tags still on. If samples come back and they're obviously damaged but we can fix them, you'll be charged a fee that's determined by the extent of the damage. However, if the dress is returned and there's no fixing whatever is wrong with it (such as they are dirty, stained, coated in animal hair, or have a strong odor) you'll be responsible for paying the full retail price of the dress, plus the full cost of a replacement including shipping.

Returns that don't use our return labels are not our responsibility.

Please note, samples cannot be taken out of the country. If they are, you will be responsible for making sure they are postmarked for return by the 7th day of delivery, no extensions will be granted for orders that are forwarded outside the US. Returns that don't use our return labels are not our responsibility.

We accept all major forms of payment for sample orders but our system will not accept payments using gift cards or prepaid cards.

Common Questions:

  1. Are there limits on how many sample dresses I can order?

    Yes, we only allow a total of 4 try-on dresses per order. If there are more styles/sizes you're interested in, you'll need to wait until your other set of dresses have been returned(postmarked) before more dresses can be ordered.
  2. Can I keep my sample?

    We absolutely understand how convenient it would be to be able to keep your sample if it fits perfectly, but that is just not an option for us at this time. So sorry about that!

    All samples must be returned back to us and they are not to be worn to events or kept for any reason. If your samples are not postmarked for return by the 7th day from delivery to you, you could be charged twice the retail cost, plus additional shipping and handling charges. You could also be banned from ordering with us in the future and we really don't want this to happen!

    Please also keep in mind that you could be charged for the samples if they come back to us damaged, missing their dress tags, coated in pet hair, are dirty or stained, or if they have a strong odor. Samples should be returned to us in good condition, just as they were sent out.

  3. What dresses are in your Try at Home Program?

    Due to limited stock on the sample dresses, we don’t have every single dress/size/color available in our try-at-home program.

    We will add more dresses to the samples. Please just register or stay tuned to our Facebook or Instagram.

  4. The Style/Size/Color I want to try isn’t available, what should I do?

    If the style you desired isn’t available, it may be out with another customer or it might be something we just don't carry yet. We will add more dresses to the samples. Please just register or stay tuned to our Facebook or Instagram.

    If the size you desired isn’t available, we recommend ordering a size or two up and asking a friend to hold the dress to see how the dress will look. If the color you desired isn’t available, we recommend ordering the swatch(es) you want and we will send them along with your sample dresses.

  5. Why do I need to pay for the sample dresses?

    The reason we charged for sample dresses is to help us cover the costs of two-way shipping. It actually doesn't even cover the full cost of shipping, but it does help!

    The price that you pay for your samples does not go towards the cost of your final order and is not refunded upon the return of the samples.

  6. When do I need to return the samples?

    Day one of your “Try at Home” begins on the day you receive them. You will need to return the sample dresses 7 days after you have received it.

  7. How do I return my sample?

    Your samples arrived with a prepaid return label included in the box. You’ll just want to put the samples back in the original box they arrived in, attached the return shipping label onto the box, and get it postmarked for return within 7 calendar days of delivery.

    Please note that our return labels will be depending on your location, you may need to drop the package off with a different shipper so do be sure to double-check what the return label says.

    We know that sometimes the label may become lost, slipping out when you first open the box or end up hiding between the box flaps, and if that happens, you can log into your ACCOUNT - ORDERS - DETAIL - RETURN LABEL to get a copy.

    Because the return is approved prior to the order shipping out, you will not be able to process a return request through your afarose.com account like you would a real order.

  8. Try at Home Service Response to COVID-19

    As the COVID-19 pandemic increasingly affects our life, one of the greatest hits for a bride-to-be is to cancel the wedding. As a bridesmaid, you have brought the bridesmaid dress, a nice hundred-dollar-dress that you probably will not be wearing other than the wedding (oh god, please!) Being a good friend of the bride, you are thinking about eating the cost. However, it might not be as bad as you thought. There are a couple of ways you can do with your bridesmaid dress after the wedding got canceled. Check our guide here.