Afarose’s TRY-AT-HOME Program Overview

Our TRY-AT-HOME Program offers a convenient way to test the color, quality and fit of a dress before committing to a purchase. It’s our popular “try before you buy” option.

You can select up to three dresses for $15, $25 or $35 per wedding dress and $10 per bridesmaid dress, with shipping fees included when ordering 3 or more sample dresses.

The try-on fee is not refunded upon the return of the try-on dresses. It goes towards the shipping fee both ways.

You are permitted to keep the dress(es) for up to 7 calendar days.

Order processing requires approximately 1-3 business days, and up to 10 business days to receive your sample dress in the mail, via FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS.

You can try on up to 3 dresses at a time. If there are more styles/sizes you're interested in, you'll need to wait until your other set of dresses has been returned(postmarked) before more dresses can be ordered.

The dress samples arrive with a prepaid return label included in the box.

We do not accept prepaid gift cards or prepaid cards for ordering samples, as our system is unable to process that form of payment for samples.

For more information about our TRY-AT-HOME program, please refer to our FAQ Page for additional details about how the program works.


All samples must be postmarked for return within the 7 days allotted window.

If you need to keep the dress(es) longer than 7 days, you must contact us directly.

We understand situations can arise where you may need more time. However, if you keep the dress(es) for more than 7 days without prior agreement, your credit card will be charged for the full retail amount of the dress plus the full cost of a replacement, including shipping.

We hate resorting to these measures, so please do keep in touch!

Samples must be returned in the original condition they were received with tags still intact. If samples are returned with obvious damage, or any sample dress is missing from the returned box, you will be charged according to the extent of the damage assessed/missing dress(es). If the dress is returned and deemed damaged beyond repair (e.g. dirty, stained, coated in animal hair, smelling of a strong odor, or otherwise neglected), you will be held liable for the full retail price of the dress, plus the full cost of a replacement dress, plus any additionally accrued shipping fees.


Samples are not permitted to be transported out of the country. Returns must follow our return procedures and use our pre-approved return shipping labels.

Common Questions:

How many sample dresses can I order at one time?

Sample dresses can be ordered in quantities of four per order.

You are welcome to order four additional sample dresses once your prior batch has been returned in accordance with our Try-At-Home dress return policy.

What if I love my sample dress, can I just buy the sample dress?

Sample dresses are not for rent or purchase. They are not to be worn to events or kept for any reason. All samples must be returned in accordance with our TRY-AT-HOME return requirements. Otherwise, you will be charged twice the retail cost, plus additional shipping and handling fees.

If foul play is suspected or determined, you will be subject to our black list, preventing you from ordering with us in the future.

Foul play may include but is not limited to the following: damaged, missing dress tags, coated in pet hair, excessive dirt or stains, and any strong lingering odors. Samples must be returned in good condition, the same as they were received.

Which dresses are included in the TRY-AT-HOME Program?

We maintain a limited stock of sample dresses, therefore we do not keep every dress/size/color on hand.

We routinely add more dresses to our stock of samples, so please stay tuned for updates via our social channels (Facebook or Instagram).

What should I do if the dress style/size/color I want to TRY-AT-HOME is not available?

The dress may be out of stock or currently with another TRY-AT-HOME customer.

If we simply don’t carry the dress yet, stay tuned via our Facebook or Instagram social channels for additional dresses we routinely add to our stock of TRY-AT-HOME dresses.

On the other hand, if your desired dress size to TRY-AT-HOME is simply not available, we recommend ordering a size or two up and asking a friend to hold the dress to see how the dress will look on your frame.

If the color you desire isn’t available, we recommend ordering the swatch(es) you want and we will send them along with your sample dresses.

Why do I need to pay for the sample dresses?

We charge a nominal fee for the TRY-AT-HOME sample dresses to cover a small percentage of the expense for two-way shipping costs.

Is the TRY-AT-HOME sample dress fee refundable?

All sample dress fees are non-refundable.

Does the TRY-AT-HOME sample dress fee go towards the cost of my dress purchase?

No, the sample dress fees do not go towards the cost of your final dress order.

When do I need to return the samples?

Day one of your TRY-AT-HOME experience begins on the day the dress(es) are delivered to you in the mail. All sample dresses must be postmarked no later than 7 days after your delivery date. No exceptions.

How do I return my sample dress(es)?

Your samples will arrive with a prepaid return label included in the box.

You will need to follow these three steps:

  1. (1) Place the samples back in the original box they arrived in
  2. (2) Attach the return shipping label onto the box
  3. (3) Get it postmarked for return within 7 calendar days of delivery arrival

Our return labels are determined by your original shipping location, so you may need to drop the package off with a specific shipper. Always double-check what the return label says.

What if I lose my return shipping label?

Log into your ACCOUNT ->ORDERS ->DETAIL ->RETURN LABEL to print a new copy.

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