Your Boho Wedding Guide for 2021

Your Boho Wedding Guide for 2021

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Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to reflect your personal style.

There are so many different thematic avenues to go down. You could have a vintage wedding if you’re planning for a period piece aesthetic; if your taste runs a bit more contemporary, perhaps a modern wedding is your speed. For the bride who wants to live her fairytale princess fantasy, you might like more romantic wedding trends. Or, if you want to lean into your whimsical carefree side, a boho wedding might be the ticket.

Boho—short for “bohemian”—has been a popular fashion trend for years. Originally associated with the free-spirited vibes of the 60s and 70s, over time it has expanded to refer more generally to any whimsical, nature-loving, flowy fairytale concept. Many brides polish this motif to create an effortless chic mood for their wedding.

While boho style is not usually considered inherently posh or sophisticated, elements can be interwoven throughout the theme for your big day, including your location choice, decor, attire, and accessories to give your wedding a light, easy charm.

Boho Wedding Locations

The best boho wedding locations reflect the bride’s casual, laid-back energy. It needs to be somewhere special and memorable while remaining natural and relaxed. To find this balance, many brides turn to nature for inspiration.

Part of the boho ethos is effortlessly connecting with one’s natural environment, so look for a venue that embraces Mother Nature in all her glory. Seek out sweeping trees, babbling brooks, roaring waves, and rugged, natural spaces. Beaches, forests, desert spaces, national parks—these are the spaces for a barefoot boho bride to say her vows while dipping her toes in the sand, or floating dreamily on stretches of arid land.

whimsical boho wedding dress

If you’re really committed to the natural aesthetic, consider a campout wedding! How about a wedding sleep-away camp complete with a forest ceremony, mountain views, WiFi-enabled cabins, and after-ceremony campfire smores? You can treat your guests to a full schedule of activities including canoeing, archery, swimming, and hiking. Glamping tents, yurts, or teepees can be set up almost anywhere, so this isn’t exactly limited by location. A campout wedding is a perfect way to bond with guests for a small, intimate ceremony.

If you’re not as keen on the idea of rugged camping, but you still want that bucolic flair—consider a barn, ranch, or even a vineyard wedding. Vineyards guarantee a temperate climate by virtue of location, and the fields of grapes are built-in decor.

And nothing screams rustic, pastoral charm like a barnyard or a ranch—both of which are appealing all year round. So you can have a winter wedding on snow-covered fields, or a warm, colorful summer soiree. Whether it be a barn with a sustainable working farm, or vineyard with an eco-friendly winery on-site—either are ideal to add an original touch to the food and drink menus at your boho wedding as well.

Boho Wedding Colors and Decor

When scouting decor and color themes, plan on pared-back details and earthy tones: forest greens, earthen browns, and beige tones. Organic fabrics, a variety of floral arrangements, and greenery installations are also typical hallmarks of the boho wedding.

At the heart of all things bohemian is a wild and laid-back freedom. This effortless essence should pervade the entire design process, from the tiny details to the grand bird’s eye vision. Flowers should be bountiful, natural, and untamed. Long, light, feathery fronds and wild bustling blooms usually do the trick. Avoid anything too meticulous or polished, as it will look out of place.

This laid-back feel also extends to the floral bouquets. Boho brides generally opt for wild, in-their-element arrangements. Aim for natural, subtle tones overall, but remember that an unexpected pop of deep, brooding color can be a major showstopper.

eclectic boho wedding decorations

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers are a theme here, so why limit it to just traditional table arrangements and bouquets? There’s almost nothing more boho-chic than a flower crown. They can be elegant, clean, and oh so whimsical. Combine a delicate flower crown with a loose updo and a dreamy boho dress to express your free-spirited personality.

It’s not just about flowers, though.

Incorporate other touches, like mood lighting, to really set the scene. A barn decked out with strings of fairy lights, for example, will really shout “boho.” Mood lighting also integrates well with other wedding styles, as does the boho ethos overall. Try setting up some woven wicker lanterns to really bring nature into the space. Combine these with some rich floral arrangements, greenery, and some rustic furniture—and you’ve got yourself a classic boho-chic wedding.

string lights boho wedding decorations

Boho Wedding Dresses

Locking in the venue, the color scheme, and the decor are all important factors—but the most important part of the wedding day for a bride is the dress!

Boho wedding dresses have several signature hallmarks. They are usually rustic, and come in nude or creamy tones: think beige, champagne, and ivory. They are, of course, loose and free-flowing to match the boho bride’s spirit, but that doesn’t mean they’re plain or simple. On the contrary, boho dresses will usually be fully decked out with lace and crocheted embroidery.

Afarose offers a variety of stunning boho-inspired wedding dresses.

Brides looking for something loose and free-flowing might try the Victoria wedding dress, a perfect example of boho-chic with its unconfined tulle, lace skirt, and delicate nature themes. Intricate floral embroidery cascades over the bodice and down the skirt length, making the dress feel both elegant and effortless. Brides can accent this dress with a Saturn hair comb for your updo or the Comets necklace-and-earrings set to really emphasize the wild floral theme.

Likewise, Lillian’s halter neck, cinched waist, and flowing skirt are all peak boho-chic. Delicate lace wrapped all around the front and a backless keyhole design arrest the eye—while keeping a gentle, natural feel to the outfit. No one will be able to look away! The long-spilling chapel train will dazzle at a beachside or woodland wedding. Complete the boho look with a sparkling floral Milky Way headband!

On the other hand, for the bride who simply wants to integrate a touch of boho flair, Afarose’s Eva boho wedding dress may just be the ticket. With its deep-plunging V-neck, mermaid silhouette, and long train, Eva ventures into more crisp and form-fitting territory than traditional boho. But the intricate geometric and botanical embroidery keeps the carefree softness that boho brides love.

Your Dream Wedding

Every bride wants to feel and look their best on their wedding day. A boho wedding celebrates your whimsical uniqueness while also maintaining a chic elegance to the ceremony.

There are so many ways to inject a little boho flair into your big day, from location to attire to decor. Consider extra little touches like rolling up in a decked-out hippie-inspired camper, or incorporate a wishing tree for guests to add well-wishes on to. Feathered and floral save-the-dates cards clue your guests in from the start that your wedding will not be a traditionally styled one.

While sorting through all the fun options for ways to pull nature into your ceremony, don’t forget about your dress! Afarose stocks a number of custom, made-to-order boho-chic dresses for brides and bridesmaids.

Get inspired by our top boho wedding dresses this year and check out Afarose's complete boho collection. Not sure which one is THE ONE? Book a virtual styling appointment and let the expert helps you today!

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