Your Modern Wedding Guide for 2021

Your Modern Wedding Guide for 2021

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Wedding styles come in all shapes and sizes. From rustic to boho, vintage to romantic, and from traditional to modern.

Modern weddings are a blend of sophistication and boldness unchained from past traditions. These revamped modern wedding styles and the endless freedom they offer are gaining traction in popularity.

Couples looking for a dynamic and modern feel for their wedding want to avoid being put in a box. The standard wedding fare for these modern couples just won’t cut it. As couples redefine the dynamics of relationships, they’re also redefining wedding aesthetics to celebrate their uniqueness.

Unlike traditional weddings, (in a place of worship, with the bride slow-stepping to the altar in a white dress and long train) the modern wedding ethos treats the big day as a blank canvas for couples to paint according to their personality as a couple and their combined unique vision.

There are so many ways to create your own modern wedding style to be dazzling and dynamic.

In this modern wedding guide, we share ideas for unique locations, bold color combinations, unconventional decor, and fresh attire.

Modern Wedding Location

The world is your oyster when you embrace the venue freedom the modern wedding encourages. Host your wedding at a place that is special to you and your partner. For example, if you’re a pair of bookworms, rent a historic library and turn it into a scene from your favorite period drama. Nature-lovers, on the other hand, might stage their wedding in a butterfly garden, in the greenery of a national park, or cliffside overlooking the ocean.

If your style is traditional but you don’t want to be posted up in a church, try a boutique hotel or a quaint bed-n-breakfast. With the right ambiance, a hotel can offer an old-world charm feeling without being too traditional. In addition to adding character, holding the ceremony at a hotel also makes wedding planning easier, as your guests can arrange for lodging at the wedding venue.

Another great option is a museum. Museums have unique architecture and themes that can help pinpoint a specific tone for the wedding. There will often be some central focal point in a museum, such as a grand staircase, that you can use for the bridal entry. If you don’t want prehistoric fossils in your wedding photos, take the futuristic route and tie the knot in the planetarium. A planetarium’s built-in entertainment system, in particular, can keep children engaged and help you save on costs for a band. Who wouldn’t want to be married under the stars?

Libraries, hotels, hilltops, beaches, forests, museums—the options for your modern wedding venue are limitless. Let your imagination run wild! Express yourselves as a couple through the venue, unshackled from the elaborate productions traditional weddings pose.

Modern Wedding Decor

Your decor is also the perfect way to inject a modern twist into any wedding.

Try freshening up a church with some contemporary flair by opting for trendy aisle decorations. Instead of basic flowers, use all-green eucalyptus garlands as the guide to the altar, or print a customized carpet with love letters or your wedding date stamped on it. If you want to do away with florals altogether, try incorporating tassels, balloons, paper origami, ribbons, mirrored panels, or even garlands of couple photos and sacred messages.

Consider introducing offbeat color combinations such as emerald and ruby, yellow and blush, or blue and ivory to your decor. Go beyond white, beige, and other traditional soft tones. A touch of black can also sophisticate any color palette—and it works with any color theme.

If you wish to take the minimalist route, play around with negative space. Strategically place your furniture and other prominent props, and keep all your lines very clean and crisp. Let the grandeur of the space speak for itself. You’d be surprised how much you can achieve by making the conscious choice to use the least amount of decor possible. Less truly can be more!

Modern Wedding Dress

Shaking up the venue and the decor to match your personality, style, or unique vision is important when choosing your modern wedding them.

But the ultimate reflection of your taste is in selecting the bridal dress(es). Try a modern wedding dress that embraces the essence of who you are!

Afarose offers a number of chic alternatives to traditional ballgown dresses and sweetheart necklines. For example, the beaded neckline, intricate floral embroidery, and royal train on the Mirabelle dress make it the perfect wedding dress for brides who seek a contemporary flair yet still want to keep a pinch of tradition when walking down the aisle.

On the other hand, Hana is a great option for the minimalist bride. The light-as-air court-train wedding gown keeps the boho bride feeling loose and free, while the illusion bodice and sleeves fully decked out with botanical lace embroidery keep it looking clean and thoughtful. Twist-up your hair with a dazzling Pallas headband or Jupiter pins and you’re good to go!

Or if you want an elegant and sleek dress, yet still something sexy, try Afarose’s Liz dress. The spaghetti straps, soft V-neckline, and extended illusion lace back running all the way to the waist allow your figure to shine.

Finding the perfect complementary dresses for bridesmaids is just as important. Modern bridesmaids want beauty and function combined in their dresses. They have to run the event after all, and can’t do so with phones and jewelry in their hands. The A-line cut chiffon Erin Allure and pleated Candance are two gorgeous floor-length options for bridesmaids. The hidden pockets will also make their lives easier!

Grooms can also bid adieu to basic black-tie suits and should feel free to wear something more dapper. Bold colors such as emerald, burgundy, and mustard will pop. Grooms should also play with different patterns and fabrics to assemble a personalized wedding suit style.

Your Dream Wedding

You will carry memories of your wedding for the rest of your life—so personalize the ceremony to reflect you as a couple.

From the location to the decor, and accessories to the attire, there are so many ways to inject personality into your big day. Be original and introduce some fun personalized elements to your nuptials. Use a monogram wedding logo for your dance floor, install a chalkboard at the entrance with a welcoming message, use custom name cards, rethink the menu—let your imagination free flow with ideas.

Take advantage of social media and technology. Install a photo booth with your predetermined wedding hashtag printed on frames, and ask your guests to share their memories online with the hashtag. Or live stream the wedding for those who can’t be there in person.

While sorting through locations and decorations, don’t forget the wedding dress! The dress is the focal point of every brides’ big day: it’s your big moment to shine.

Afarose stocks a wide collection of modern wedding dresses for brides, bridesmaids, mothers, mother-in-law of the bride, and more! Afarose dresses are all made to order as well, so you can be sure of a perfect custom fit.

Check out Afarose today to see the complete collection of modern wedding dresses.

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