Your Romantic Wedding Guide for 2021

Your Romantic Wedding Guide for 2021

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Create fairytale memories fit for a storybook princess with this romantic wedding guide from Afarose. Plan your special day to mirror your childhood princess bride fantasy.

Envision for a moment twinkling candle-lit pathways bedecked with stunning floral arrangements, beautiful chandeliers, and flowing ballroom dancing—a romantic wedding will take you back to your childhood days of pretending to be a princess bride.

Now, you might be wondering to yourself, “Aren’t all weddings romantic?” Inherently, yes of course they are!

And while there are plenty of wedding themes to mix, match, and play with stylistically (boho, vintage, modern weddings, or traditional, and more), when speaking about bridal fashion, a romantic wedding theme is one that leans fully into fairytale fantasy.

Romantic wedding themes encourage you to recreate your favorite fairytale stories and personal moments. Imagine walking down the aisle looking like Cinderella, or twirling across an elegant ballroom with your spouse-to-be like Belle from Beauty & The Beast. The options are unlimited!

While romantic weddings are quite formal, there are no set rules. From the location to the decor to of course the dress, there are a number of ways to make your special day leap right out of a storybook.

Romantic Wedding Location

For a truly romantic wedding experience, exchange vows at a location gushing with ethereal vibes. A dreamy, enchanted forest wedding is just the ticket. With tall pines covered in deep emerald needles, babbling brooks, and rampant with untamed wildflowers, the woodland magic of the forest makes for a spellbinding scene.

But if you can’t source a forest, home-grown is fine! You can easily create a similar experience in a garden. Gardens are a classic wedding venue with their own enchanting charm. Rent a rustic, overgrown English garden bursting with leaves and flowers, or even turn your backyard into a romantic wedding venue.

Be royals for the day and host a castle wedding. The bold architecture and archways will make your wedding a regal affair, and the history and grandeur will blow your guests away. Say your I Dos like kings and queens on a grand altar. Castles are often accompanied by a ballroom as well where you can host an incredible reception.

romantic wedding dress and floral bouquet
Angela |Afarose Wedding Dress | Photographer: Christine Li

If you want your romantic wedding to be more traditional or religious, an old cathedral makes for a fantastic romantic wedding location. The towering spires, pointy Gothic arches, and rosy stained glass will definitely infuse a romantic mood. And most churches have beautiful choirs on hand already.

Another option if you don't want to romp in nature or rent an entire palace, host your romantic wedding in an old whimsical tavern. Taking inspiration from old movies or novels where couples share their first encounters in a quaint pub-like local. Small, intimate weddings with just loved ones in attendance can be just as romantic.

Romantic Wedding Decor

The decor is the essence of a romantic wedding and flowers are an undeniable piece of the puzzle.

Decorate your venue with quintessential red roses, opt for white flowers, or use an eclectic mix of different colors. A combination of dusty blush and olive green, or shades of purple and burgundy are perfect for a romantic wedding. The choices are as open as the airy sky. Just make sure flowers are abundant and your colors complement your overall scheme.

romantic wedding floral center arrangement
Photographer: Katie Jackson

Once you have the flowers and the colors selected, it’s time to decide on your mood lighting setup. The right lights can instantly transform the ambiance and set the mood for any event. For romantic weddings specifically, soft fairy lights and incandescent bulbs are a charming direction. Statement hanging chandeliers will add a touch of opulence as well!

Speaking of statement pieces, they too, are essential. The chandeliers, a huge archway, and mirror wedding signage can really capture the mood. You can build your theme around these essential statement pieces.

Finally, candles. Without a doubt, a romantic wedding is not complete without candles. You can incorporate candles of all sizes in a myriad of ways. Instead of a traditional centerpiece, try a lighted center arrangement for the reception tables instead. If your wedding venue is a closed space, add some romance with a smattering of votive candles.

Romantic Wedding Dresses

A romantic wedding dress should have very refined detail and have a bouncy lightness about it. Fluid composition and beautiful silhouettes that draw from royalty and fairytale imagery will make the dress dazzle and pop.

Online wedding vendor, Afarose has a number of wedding dresses with romantic overtones any bride is sure to love!

One exemplary bridal outfit is Afarose’s Angela, a cascading ballgown-inspired wedding dress. Ball gowns are a classic romantic wedding dress silhouette. Angela’s delicate botanical embroidery across the bodice, softly tumbling down onto a high-low tulle skirt will have you re-imagining your Cinderella fairytale fantasy!

For an elegant and sleek classic look, opt for Afarose’s Regina dress. This strapless mermaid gown with a cathedral train is straight out of a fairytale. The sweetheart neckline and intricate embroidery make this dress a perfect blend of modern and vintage looks.

Katherine is another great example of a romantic wedding dress. The floral hand-pieced lace body and illusion back make this dress fit for a queen. Pair it with a stylish floral Polaris headband to really accentuate the fairytale vision.

Bridal Party Attire

As your bridesmaids will stand next to you, they should look exquisite as well. Blush pink is a fantastic color choice for a romantic wedding theme. Afarose’s scoop-necked Melody is just the perfect ensemble for a romantic bridesmaid dress! The chiffon and lace floor-length Kay Allure dress is also great for bridesmaids.

As for the groom: consider a traditional tuxedo to really sell the fairytale. A classic black and white three-piece suit will be stunning. For the groom in an experimental mood, try for a solid-colored sharp suit that complements your partner’s outfit.

Your Dream Wedding

With beautiful sweetheart necklines and elaborate floral arrangements, a truly romantic wedding will leave even Cupid gaping in awe.

You can get a quilted wedding cake with gold dusting or decorate the sitting area with elaborate ribbons. Let your imagination flow! Along with focusing on the location, food, and decor, attention must be paid to the dresses as well. After all, you want to look like a princess and not a pauper!

Afarose offers a fantastic collection of beautiful bride and bridesmaid dresses that will further the charm of your romantic wedding. Their collection has a mix of modern and vintage romantic dresses that are perfect for any bride and their bridal party.

Check out Afarose’s special romantic wedding dress collection today!

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